Our Mission

We envision Black and Paid For, as a vehicle for teaching asset management to black communities. Our blog will cover such things as buying your first home and other types of real estate investments, getting started with investing, saving tips, tips for managing rentals, interviews for tips from financial professionals, etc. This includes buying products from black vendors, investment in financial education, and contributing to "the work" of making sure Black Lives Matter.

The name Black & Paid For is a nod to African self-emancipation when slaves could buy their own freedom. It is also a nod to the realization that America is built on the 400 years of blood, sweat, and collective efforts of Black and brown people. Whether we talk about the economic input of 200 years of free slave labor; the economic impact of below-market wages for workers of color, which allowed substantial profits to be made for companies; or the economic impact of wealth that we have helped to create for others. Our presence in this country has been paid for many times over. Lastly, “Paid For” signifies only buying things we can afford, thus saving and purchasing our financial freedom.  Our merchandise is a statement of moderately priced, culturally relevant products; designed by us and by other independent designers.  

Lastly, we frequently feature a limited edition product, and contribute a portion of those profits to organizations that fight for racial justice and Black economic empowerment.

Get paid, stack bills, be free. Black and Paid For.